Knitted (Crocheted) Kippah

Knitted (Crocheted ) Kippah Yarmulke Hat - Rainbow

Made in Israel. Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown with Black patterns

Diameter: approximately 6"

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2 thoughts on “Knitted (Crocheted) Kippah

  1. I am just looking for a large kippah, I have a couple of the smaller. variety, but I would like one of the large also, i am a Jew by birth, becoming a Minister was an effort to try to perhaps become a Rabbi. Anyway some of the sites want you to buy them in multiples to get a decent price, i will probably purchade one, within the first week of June, I am awaiting a check. I want semi plain one with a star of David on the top, so I will continue to search your website, thank-you, and Shalom.

  2. Dear Rev. Ken – sorry , somehow we didn’t notice your comment. We should be getting more kippahs by the end of summer – please do check back with us , hopefully you’ll find your kippah here

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